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Never Do These 9 Things On an Empty Stomach

August 10, 2021

Everything that we do affects our body some way or the other. However, our health is most vulnerable when we have an empty stomach. Our body requires food that it can convert into energy and nutrients within seconds and that’s why it becomes hungry. However, while we might be craving for food, there are certain things that we should not do when we have an empty stomach (no less than two hours after you had your last meal).

1. Taking anti-inflammatory medicines

Certain popular anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) such as paracetamol, aspirin, etc., should not be taken when you have an empty stomach. Firstly, it will reduce the effectiveness of these drugs and it can also cause some serious health-related problems like gastric bleeding. There are also other prescription drugs that should not be taken when you have an empty stomach. However, if you have milk, you can have NSAIDs with it so that the ill-effects can be countered to a certain extent. If you don’t have milk, try to wash it down with lots of water.

2. Drinking morning coffee

Coffee, even the decaffeinated one, tends to create stomach acid and can result in heartburn or other digestive issues if consumed on an empty stomach. It is because coffee tends to produce acid in your stomach. If you are in the habit of skipping breakfast and having coffee instead, it can result in a decrease in the production of serotonin and keep your mood down all day long. If you are addicted to coffee and can’t control it, then have it with milk. The milk fat can reduce the bad effects of coffee. Also, opt for natural coffee rather than the freeze-dried variety.

3. Consuming alcohol

When you are hungry, the body tends to absorb whatever you consume at a faster rate. As a result, when you drink alcohol, the absorption will start to increase and happen twice as fast. Even the alcohol removal process of the body will slow down and it will cause a terrible hangover as well as increase the effects of alcohol on your heart, kidneys, and liver. If you are unable to reject a drink proposal, then go for carbonated ones which can be absorbed slowly by the body. Or else, you can have a buttered sandwich along with it.

4. Chewing gum

Chewing gum produces digestive acid which can result in harm to the delicate lining of your stomach. If you have too much of gum, then it can lead to gastritis. Plus, it has been studied that chewing gum can make you more inclined towards junk food rather than fruits and vegetables. However, if you are chewing gum, try to go for the ones which have natural sweeteners like sorbitol or xylitol and not those with cyclamate, aspartame, or sugar. And don’t continue to chew the gum for more than ten minutes, even if you have a full stomach.

5. Skipping dinner

If you have ever skipped dinner, then you must have seen that you were terribly hungry the next day. Low glucose level and hunger can cause a lack of proper sleep during the night and cause a kind of superficial sleep. You will wake up early and your hunger hormones will act with increased power. But then, you should not be eating too much before sleeping. It’s best to go for dairy products which have calcium and magnesium – both capable of letting you have a good sleep.

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