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Do You Know What The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Means The Answer Is More Important Than You Think

June 22, 2021
Our nails are a very important part of our fingers. They can show us symptoms of many terrible diseases. But, have you noticed the white area shaped like a crescent at the end of your fingernail? It’s called lunula. It is actually a pigment change under your nails and it is very sensitive. It should never be damaged.

In this article, we’re presenting you 10 facts about the lunula that you didn’t know!

  1. As we have already said, this is a very important and sensitive area for our nail which should always be protected.
  2. The name lunula means ‘small moon’ in Latin.
  3. It has a white color because this actually represents the fifth basal layer of the epidermis that hides all the blood vessels lying underneath.
  4. It can be seen in most people, but still, some people don’t have it. It’s because the layer of skin that surrounds the toenails and fingernails which is very thick, called the eponychium, can cover the lunula completely or partially.
  5. This is a very sensitive part of the nail which should never be damaged. You must take care of it.
  6. According to many experts, the lunula tells very important facts about our health. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, when a person doesn’t have a lunula, it can be a sign of malnutrition and anemia. Bluish or pale lunula can indicate diabetes. If the lunula is reddish, the person might have some cardiovascular disease.
  7. A lunula that is very small or the person doesn’t have it is a sign of toxin overload because of slow metabolism as well as indigestion.
  8. You should have from 8 to 10 lunulas on both of your hands. They should enclose about 1/you’re your fingernail. It would be the best for the lunula to be as white as possible since the person is healthier and stronger then.
  9. Fingernails that are normal are tough, ruddy, arc-shaped, restrained, glossy and smooth. The lunula should be clear which is a sign of a healthy and energetic person. When a person is very energetic, the lunula becomes whiter. If the person isn’t energetic, then it’s vague and poor.
  10. As we have already mentioned, it’s color and changes could signify any disease. As soon as the person tries to regain health, the lunula will start appearing again gradually.
People with a small lunula usually have poor health and immunity. They’re very tired. In case their lunula is only present on the thumbs, it means that they don’t have enough physical energy and a disease might appear.

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